End Results has unique Sports Specific Athletic training programs designed to get student athletes prepared to compete at the highest level of their athletic performance. Safe is at the foundation of our Sports Specific program that will help to prevent injuries and strengthen muscles, bones and create a more fit Athlete. Our program works on a Periodization fitness training schedule, and contains four phases.

Phase I is The General Physical Preparation stage where the athlete learns proper training techniques and is conditioned and prepared to train at a highly competitive level.

Phase II is the Specialization Physical Training stage which is designed to gradually move an athlete from the general preparatory period and will teach the athlete skills specific to each sport

Phase III is the Competitive stage, as the athlete participates in their sport it is important to continue to train to help maintain all the gains made and to help prevent and reduce the chance of injury.

Phase IV is the Post Competitive stage, after competition, the athlete should rest and after sufficient recovery transition back to the Specialization Physical Training phase to continue refining their athletic skills.

During the four phases of training our athletes will Increase Physical Strength, Increase Endurance, and Increasing Speed and Explosiveness. Division I Training will help reduce the chance of injury and provide Nutritional Guidance to help build a more competitive athlete.

Division I fitness training, when you want your young athlete to compete at a Division I level.

We use the latest techniques of strength training, agility training, speed /endurance training, nutritional programs and sports plyometrics training coupled with scientific medical research to give our young athletes a safe and effective results orientated program.

Designed for both boys and girls, our goal is to give our athletes the best competitive edge in whatever sport they participate in. Our motto is "We build Champions and deliver Championships".

Give your young athlete the End Results championship edge!

End Results Health & Wellness is an organization of fitness professionals consisting of nationally and internationally Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist committed and dedicated to helping people improve their health, fitness level, and wellness through the applied science of exercise and nutrition.