You now have the ability to have one on one care from our licensed doctor certified orthopedic / sports Physical Therapist. We believe in hands on approach, utilizing our knowledge of manual therapy techniques to achieve lasting results.

Our treatment focuses on the “whole” person. Our “hands on” approach utilizes the manual skill or our therapist to assist our patients toward full recovery with the adjunctive help of modalities and the essential ingredients of exercise and rehabilitation.

Hands on

* Connective Tissue Massage

* Cranio-Sacral Therapy

* Joint Mobilization

* Manual Traction

* Myofascial Release (MFR)

* Neuromuscular Re-education

* Postural Correction

* Soft Tissue Mobilization

* Therapeutic Exercise


Special Programs

* Balance & Vestibular Rehabilitation

* Functional Capacity

* Golf Fitness

* Hand Rehab

* Low Back Rehab & Core Stabilization

* Neck Rehab

* Neuro Rehab

* Sports Injury Rehab and Training

* TMJ Therapy & Cranial Sacral

* Women's Health

* Work Injury Management