Your Platinum Membership gives back! Join End Results Health & Wellness and 10 % of your membership will directly sponsor a Cancer Survivor in our award winning cancer fitness restorative program “Fit and Well Worth It”. This unique fitness membership is not only a membership; it’s a complete fitness and health program. The Platinum Membership is for those who know that exercising frequently and being consistent at exercise helps reach goals faster. You’ll meet twice a month with one of our award winning Personal Trainers who will design and implement your individualized health/ fitness programs. This is the most comprehensive membership in the fitness/ health industry. Here’s what you get:

* Unlimited access to our fitness facility 7 days a week

* 2 sessions of one on one Personal Training from the best Trainers in the industry

* Unlimited Results Group classes every month

* Monthly personalized goal evaluation

* Monthly personalized fitness programs to help reach your goals

* You help sponsor a Cancer Survivor to regain their strength, energy and increase their survivorship