as a certified medfitness facility, we focus on overall wellness, not just physical fitness.

The purpose of a medical fitness center isn't just to help clients lose weight or gain muscle, but to help you manage your overall health and wellness.

At End Results Health & Wellness Center, we have programs to meet the needs of those who are recovering from a cardiac event or surgery, cancer and other chronic illnesses, joint replacement surgeries and other medical and health conditions. There is irrefutable medical evidence that proper exercise can make all the difference when recovering from or battling diseases and during the post-surgical period.


It takes a special person with patience and expertise to work with people who have these physical limitations. Our strength and conditioning specialists are continually trained and specially educated to work with clients with an array of health and physical challenges. Our specialists take educational classes and workshops yearly to stay on top of the latest information, research and exercise training techniques.

We are trained in CPR, and in the use of a defibrillator machine, which is on premise.

We also have a heart rate tracking system in the gym to help regulate your workouts and your intensity of exercise output. Our fitness and nutrition programs are designed with each client’s health goals in mind, in a safe and effective manner.